We have made some small changes regarding the voting system:

1. From now on, a player can vote while the account is online in-game.

2. Donations can now also be done while the account is online in-game.

3. The Goblin Coins reward for each voting site has been changed/increased.


Kind Regards,

Savage MU Online Team


Golden Invasion

Top 10

1Grand MasterTrundle40060
2Grand MasterLeylei40060
3Rage FighterKrupadre4000
4Muse ElfChomcia3970
5Magic GladiatorCasano3910
6Muse ElfRowena3770
7Soul MasterRobis3700
8Magic GladiatorJunin3500
9Dark LordMarloch3280
10Muse ElfTelAnnas3260

Server Information

Version:Season IX Episode II
Experience:Dynamic Low-Rate
Drop Rate:20%